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We know that feedback is a crucial part of any successful business or organization. That’s why we created feedbaq, a simple and effective way for you to gather feedback from your customers or clients.

how it works?

  1. Generate your unique feedbaq QR code on our website. This only takes a few seconds – simply enter your name or business name, and your QR code will be generated.

  2. Print and display your QR code in a visible location, such as on a product, a brochure, or a poster.

  3. Encourage your customers or clients to scan the QR code using their smartphones. They will be directed to a page where they can choose one of three options: “Great Experience“, “Average One” & “Unsatisfied

  4. If they select “Average One” or “Unsatisfied” they will be redirected to a feedback form where they can provide specific feedback on what can be improved. All feedback is confidential and will be sent directly to you.

  5. If they select “Great Experience” they will be redirected to the Google review page for your business. This makes it easy for them to leave a positive review and give you five stars

why use feedbaq?

  1. Easy and convenient: Our QR code system makes it simple for your customers or clients to provide feedback without the need for paper surveys or lengthy questionnaires.

  2. Real-time data: Access your feedback data in real-time through our user-friendly dashboard. Use this information to improve your product or service quickly and effectively.

  3. Anonymous and confidential: Customers can provide feedback without fear of judgement or repercussions, ensuring honest and valuable feedback.

  4. Improve your online reputation: Encouraging positive reviews on Google can help improve your business’s online reputation and attract more customers.

  5. NFC technology: Near Field Communication is a wireless technology that allows devices to communicate and exchange data over short distances. 

Sign up for feedbaq today and start gathering valuable feedback to improve your business.

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